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Spending quality time with your significant other is a novelty that only a lucky few of us are experiencing – with the current climate, I mean. That glorious feeling of glistening excitement that builds throughout the day as you know you’ll eventually be nestled into a cosy restaurant in the late PM, is something I truly miss. Yet wallowing in self-pity and wondering when the next time will be that freedom is announced is a futile game to play, so there is nothing wrong with simply trying to make the most of what you’ve got. With Deliveroo doing absolute wonders in these challenging times and good ol’ Sky releasing Disney+, there has never been a better time than now to ignite your creative side in constructing a ‘date-night’ that isn’t so bad after all. Here is my step-by-step guide on how you too can indulge in some well-deserved date-night time with your significant other. 

Download the food

With the emergence of a new food app every week, we truly are spoilt for choice on dinner plans. I’ve found that such apps come with a hierarchy – Hungry House at the bottom serving the basics of midnight-munchie takeaways, JustEat being slightly above but with a higher chance of a good student deal on the side, with UberEats and Deliveroo coming out on top since dishes from our favourite restaurants can be eaten from the novelty of our own sofas. Perfect? I think so! 

On our date-night we went with the trusty Deliveroo, ordering from a local independent that we have cherished over the years. Despite date-night being about ‘us’, we still wanted to support the non-chain business’ that are going through changes that will affect them more than the food-giants. After doing some menu-stalking for a couple of days before the big event, we noticed that the stock of certain meals tended to become limited later in the day, so instead of ordering at the point we got hungry, pre-ordering was the way to go. It may seem slightly ridiculous picking exactly what you’re going to eat for tea at 10am, but if it saves hassle and gives you a greater variety, it’s a no-brainer.

Last orders

If you’re a boozer or not, getting something tasty and refreshing to drink to compliment your tea is just as important as the food. We opted for a gorgeous bottle of Côtes du Rhône that we only buy on special occasions, and it just so happened that it was on offer! It’s as though the God’s were encouraging us to get pissed. Result. 

For us though, a couple of glasses of red vino is enough, especially following our doughy delight (pizza…), so we swiftly changed over to dark rum and ginger beer, with the addition of a handful of fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lime. Now this, I can assure you, is a dangerously-moreish drink that will only make you realise how drunk you were until the morning after.

A not-so cinematic experience

Funnily enough, our house does not come with a cinema room with surround sound and a massive projector. But we made do with what we’ve got. A telly. But something naughty to mention is that when connecting your laptop to the TV with a wondrous device called a ‘HMDI cable’ (something I wasn’t entirely sure what was before date-night), allows you to, in theory, watch anything you want. Illegally that is. With a quick google and savvy typing, we managed to locate a website that showed just about any film or TV programme we could think of. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to disclose this web (!!! – site or not, but our good friend Google has all the answers with a quick search.  

Another cheeky tip for you is to connect your speaker to your laptop for the film. My boyfriend and I both own a UE boom speaker each and these devices have the option to ‘pair up’. With one speaker to our left and the other to our right, we replicated something that resembled a homemade surround-sound.

“I brought snacks!” – The 3 words I really wanna hear

No date night or movie experience is complete without the naughty caress of the hand down the crisp packet lining. Who doesn’t love the succulent taste of melted chocolate on your fingers? 

Get ‘em in ladies and gents. The number of times I’ve strolled down the supermarket isles encouraging myself to maintain the healthy eating and to walk away from the treaty offers, and later been so, fucking happy that I succumbed to my dark side and bought the treats anyway. No date-night is complete without something sweet.

It’s the small things in life

Get the blankets, light the candles, kick everyone the fuck out. It’s your date night so plan ahead of time and do the small things that make the big event the best it can be. 

For us, I am living with my boyfriend’s parents and sister – they’re incredible people, so accommodating and thoughtful – but, there comes a time where you do just have to politely say that you want some quality time with your partner and you want to spend it in a place that isn’t cooped up in a bedroom. (Note: his family were totally chill about this by the way, as so many others would be.) 

Enjoy the time you’ve got together. It might be difficult to maintain a constant stream of riveting conversation between you and your partner, and you may find the spice that attracts you to each other has fizzled a bit, but that doesn’t mean to say that date night won’t be something you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Building it up as though it’s an exciting event will only make it an all-round more memorable experience. 

6 thoughts on “Keeping date night sparkly

  1. I love that there are different activities that couples can do for date night during lockdown. YUMMM the pizza looks so good! You can never go wrong with take-out. Haha, I like that you streamed a movie. It’s always the little things that makes a big difference! Glad you made the most out of the date night!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never actually tried deliveroo or uber eats. I think I’ll have to give them a go! Disney + is the best, and I do have a soft spot for netflix 😊

    Great ideas on here. Blankets and red wine is my ideal date night 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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